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iShower Bluetooth Speaker: Sing in the Shower All Day Long

 |  |  |  |  |  January 8, 2013

When you’re in a good mood, there’s nothing like belting out a couple of tunes while you’re under the shower. There was a time, unless you put dedicated waterproof speakers your bathroom, it wasn’t easy to do so unaided. Now, there’s the iShower, a small, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that does it all and won’t break the bank.

ishower bluetooth speaker photo

The iShower is a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker made to work in your shower. It’s a pretty convenient way to stream your tunes directly from any number of mobile devices, like your smartphone or tablet. It also works pretty well near the pool, at the beach, or when you’re camping. It’s makers claim that you can use it from up to 200 feet away, so your gadget can remain nice a dry while you’re soaked.

You can pair up to 5 different devices with the iShower, so multiple users can listen to their own playlists. It also has a built-in controls for your mobile device, and a clock so you don’t miss that important meeting because you stayed in the shower for too long.


You can get the iShower for $99.99(USD) directly from the iDevices.

[via FancyCrave]