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Nikolai Aldunin’s Teeny Tiny Sculptures are So Small They Fit Inside the Eye of a Needle

 |  |  |  |  |  January 21, 2013

For a moment there, I wasn’t sure if these sculptures were real, however, they are. These incredibly tiny sculptures were created by an artist using a microscope. They are incredibly detailed for art of this scale, and I imagine need to be quite careful when you’re around it, otherwise it could be crushed or simply blown away.

nikolai aldinin tiny sculptures photo

Russian artist Nikolai Aldunin has to keep his hands perfectly still in order to build his microscopic art. He takes inspiration about a Russian folk tale about Levsha, a left-handed craftsman so talented that the was able to put horseshoes onto a flea, and cues from the Bible.

nikolai aldinin tiny sculptures bicycle photo

Nikolai uses syringes, toothpicks, and superglue to make his art, and he works under a microscope as he crafts them.

nikolai aldinin tiny sculptures tank photo

[via Daily Mail via designboom]