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Pre-Damaged Luggage: You Don’t Have to Worry, It’s Already Dinged Up

 |  |  |  |  February 26, 2013

Whenever you go on a plane and check your luggage, it always feels like a gamble. You might never see it again or it might be all banged up when you get it back, because we know that luggage gets tossed around a lot on planes.

crash baggage suitcase pre damaged photo

The Crash Baggage line was created by Venetian designer Francesco Pavia, after observing that new suitcases can easily get beaten up, creating added stress while traveling. This new design is supposed to be a workaround. If your luggage is already beaten up, you never have to worry about it getting damaged.

crash baggage suitcase pre damaged alone photo

The hard-shelled plastic luggage already comes with the typical dents caused by frequent use. Over time, any new dents will just add more character. Crash Baggage will be available for purchase April 1st and will come in four sizes – including 2 carry-ons – starting at $135(USD) each.

[via core77]