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NES Console with Built-in Screen: 8-Bit Laptop

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Written by Lambert Varias | March 13, 2013

Even today, NES aka Famicom games are still popular with gamers. We’ve seen people come up with a variety of alternative ways of getting their NES fix. You can run an emulator, buy a third party portable or even hack one yourself. Nintendo Age forum member Silius┬áchose the latter. But instead of portability or a modern design, he chose to preserve his console’s original beauty. Behold!


As you can see, Silius’ custom console looks just like any other NES when “closed”. It even loads cartridges the old way. But then the console can be opened up to reveal an LCD screen inside. Silius console also has built-in speakers so it really needs is a power outlet. Silius did make it so its screen can be turned off, which would come in handy if he ever wants to connect the NES to a TV. Here’s a brief demo of the console:

It’s not as ambitious as Ben Heck’s ultimate console hack, but it’s a nice homage to one of the best gaming systems ever made.

[via Nintendo Age via Hack A Day]