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Ad Campaign Serves Dual Purpose, Providing Walls for Shelters When its Done

 |  |  |  |  |  April 16, 2013

Sometimes, things aren’t what they seem. For example, what looks like a wall to you might look like an ad to someone else. This might sound like a strange occurrence, but it happens more than you think.

In fact, it happens every time to people who chance upon HomePro’s ad campaign where they’ve put up a bunch of temporary billboards that have ads on one side and a wall on the other.

Other Side Ad

HomePro is a hardware store based in Thailand and they’re trying to do something different with their Other Side campaign. Instead of just putting up a bunch of billboards to advertise their stuff, they’re also showing off their wares by constructing a wall on the other side of the ad. But these aren’t designed just to be ads.¬†As many people in the country live in underprivileged areas, they’ve been know to recycle old billboards and use them to create improvised walls for their shelters.


Other Side Ad1

These billboards help them out a little by providing them with a ready-to-install wall on the other side, so when the campaign is over, the wall will continue to serve a useful purpose.

[via Pop Up City]