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Grand Theft Auto IV Millennium Falcon Mod: Does the Liberty City Run in 12 Parsecs

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Written by Conner Flynn | May 13, 2013

Forget the streets of Grand Theft Auto IV, this Millenium Falcon mod will let you take to the skies and…

What the hell? Do you see what I see? Chewie, you overgrown furball! You put her back together backwards. Who ever heard of a dyslexic Wookiee?

Millenium Falcon mod What do you mean we’re in disguise from the Imperials? You don’t think they have mirrors on Imperial starships? No, we are not going to the British star system just to blend in. We would be the biggest thing on the M1 skylane. You’ve really done it this time.

I’m going to beat the dust out of you you old rug and then I’m… AHHHH my arm. Put it in the socket! Put it in the socket! The blood! Oh dear God!

[via Kotaku]