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Airfield LED Kit for Pinball Playfields: Flippin’ Awesome

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 28, 2013

Thanks to videogames, pinball has been relegated to a niche. But it still has its fans, some so addicted to the machines that they hang entire pinball playfields on their walls as decoration. Jeremy Williams and his friend invented Airfield, an LED kit that makes mounted or hung playfields come alive.


Airfield runs on a custom circuit board designed by Williams. It comes with 38 light cables – each with 2 LEDs at the end – plus all the materials you need to attach the board and cables to the rear of your playfield. Williams also commissioned an easy to use LED sequence program that you can find on his website. When you’re happy with the sequence you made, download it then install it to the Airfield via its microSD port (the Airfield kit already comes with a microSD card).

Skip to about 2:55 in the video below for another look at Airfield in action:

You can buy Airfield for $219 (USD) from Ledseq. I hope future models of the Airfield will have the option to add sound effects.

[via Doobybrain]