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Build Your Own Xbox 360 Laptop with the Darkmatter Kit

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  May 31, 2013

It’s time to put your Ben Heck hat on. A company called Photon Gaming is raising funds for Darkmatter, an open source DIY kit for converting an Xbox 360 console into a laptop. Photon Gaming even claims¬†one variant of their kit will allow you to convert an Xbox One into a laptop. I wonder if early adopters will be willing to risk losing an Xbox One for that.


The kit is available in various models depending on how much you want to pay, from just the electronics to a finished and ready to use Darkmatter Xbox 360 laptop.

Head to Kickstarter to support the world’s first open-source, hacker-friendly, 3D printed, laser-cut, honey glazed, butter side up DIY Xbox 360 laptop kit. If you pledge at least $499 (USD), you’ll qualify to get the full kit; all you’ll need is an Xbox 360 and a few hours to put the two together. But if you have more money than tinkering skills, pledge at least $999 and you’ll get a full Xbox 360 laptop as a reward.