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MANUAL Coffeemaker: Coffee Has Never Been This Minimal

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Written by Range | June 1, 2013

Most days, I make my daily java using a stove-top espresso maker. They make coffee quite quickly, and I don’t have to surveil it while it’s working, so I can do some other tasks at the same time. This coffeemaker is very minimal. You don’t need much to make your own cup, almost anywhere.

manual coffeemaker berman craighton photo

The MANUAL Coffeemaker was designed by Craighton Berman, a design studio based in Chicago. It focuses your coffee-making efforts on a single cup at a time, ensuring you’ll get the best cup of java possible.

manual coffeemaker berman craighton pour photo

This is a slow extraction coffee appliance, and it will sit quietly on your counter top, allowing you to control the preparation. It’s been designed to maximize the time that the water and ground come in contact, ensuring the most robust cup of joe.

manual coffeemaker berman craighton setup photo

It’s an interesting idea, and I can see this working well in office settings which sometimes do not have a drip coffeemaker where people usually have to settle for instant coffee.

[via Leibal via designyoutrust]