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Tick Rover Robot Kills Ticks Dead

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Written by Conner Flynn | July 19, 2013

Ticks are nasty. Actually, I think all bugs are nasty – but ticks are extra disgusting since they suck on your blood. They are also responsible for transmitting many diseases, some fatal. A team of researchers at the Virginia Military Institute have designed a robot that kills these blood suckers. The Tick Rover has been tested and found to be a successful weapon against ticks.


Ticks are attracted to carbon dioxide and can feel vibrations up to 50 feet away. So these traits are used against them. The Tick Rover emits carbon dioxide and creates vibrations to attract the vermin.

For instance, a tube emits carbon dioxide in the yard, so the ticks go to one side of the tube. Along comes the Tick Rover with an attached cloth treated with pesticides. The ticks feel it’s vibrations and jump on the cloth where they die.

Take that ticks!

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