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Regretting the Breakup App? There’s an App for That!

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Written by Hazel Chua | August 8, 2013

So you made a rash decision and used BreakupText to end things with an otherwise awesome guy (or girl.) What now? Well, you could grovel on your knees and beg for their forgiveness… or let another app do the work for you: MakeupText.


Created by the same people behind BreakupText, the MakeupText app offers the user with a bunch of reasons for making up. The “something shiny caught my eye” and “kidnapped by Russians” mistakes are ever present, but the groveling begins on the next screen.


Here’s a sample of the mindless sweetness the app can come up with:

I left you because I thought I found something great, something different, something worthy of my attention. It sucked me in, like a hypnotic octopus with bright and heavy tentacles dragging its willing partner further and further underwater. Until I suddenly realized I was being tricked. Their glitter was sand, their shine only the sun’s reflection off their cold, metal self. You, my dear, my love, are the sun. You are nothing but glitter, I know because it fills me every time we speak, every time I see you it’s all lightning flashes, you can light up the night’s sky. I left you because I’m an idiot, because that dastardly farce. I miss you, let us be together, let me take in your light. If you can find it in you to forgive me, I will spend every day worshiping your sun, you will never lose me again.

While BreakupText costs $0.99 to download, MakeupText is available for free – for a limited time. So if you unwittingly broke up with someone who you still want to be with, download this now before they start charging for it.

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