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Doctor Who Toast Plush: Toasty-Woasty

 |  |  |  |  August 28, 2013

Forget Jelly Babies. Forget fish fingers and custard. And please, let’s forget the Doctor pinning celery to his jacket. Toast. That’s the new Timelord’s favorite food. Hopefully the 12th Doctor will love toast. But if he doesn’t, here is a piece of plush toast dressed like the 11th Doctor.


You could call this incarnation of the Doctor crusty – even crumbly. It comes from Deviantartist chaoticteapot, who loves a helping of Timelord toast for breakfast. You’ll notice that he has the attire just right, right down to the fez. Best of all, this toasty doctor can be yours for just $28 (USD) over on Etsy.

Now for some reason I want to see his companions as breakfast foods. All on a TARDIS-shaped plate. But that’s just me.

[via Neatorama]