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LEGO Calendar Syncs with Google Calendar: Brickmented Reality

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Written by Lambert Varias | October 1, 2013

There’s already an official LEGO calendar, but design studio Vitamins made a more practical version with the help of custom software. Even though the calendar is made entirely out of LEGO pieces, Vitamins were able to make it interactive and sync to the studio’s online calendar.


Each month is represented in the calendar by long rectangular panels. For instance in the image above you can see a three month timeline. Each month is divided into columns that represent the days of the week. To assign a project, employees simply attach a brick onto the proper date. One brick represents half a day alloted to a particular project, with the color of the brick representing a particular project. Should there be a specific employee assigned to a project, that employee will be represented by a minifig.


The LEGO calendar helps employees take note of their schedule at a glance, but what if they’re not at the office? That’s where Vitamins’ custom program comes in handy. Anyone can take a picture of the calendar and send it to a certain email address, and in doing so the studio’s Google Calendar account will be synced to the LEGO calendar. The syncing program was made using openFrameworks.

Vitamins said that they’ve been using their system for almost a year and are very happy with it. They love that they have a tangible representation of how much time they have – the bricks – and that they can literally share their time with each other by trading bricks. They promise to upload the code for their program to encourage more people to adapt or play with their design. Perhaps the syncing can be automated with a camera or a color sensor?

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