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Another Gingerbread TARDIS, That’s all 12… No, 13!

 |  |  |  |  December 28, 2013

We’ve seen our share of gingerbread TARDIS, but this one takes the cake, er, gingerbread – because it is decked out in holiday decorations. It has Christmas lights, a wreath and snow all over.
Redditor Fortunekitty really went the extra mile (or is it years Рor light years when you are talking about a time machine that can travel through space?) with this gingerbread TARDIS.

Say, when a TARDIS gingerbread house goes stale, can it just go back in time and be fresh again? For that matter, can it even become stale? Does it get all timey wimey? These are questions for a mind much sharper than my own. All I know is that this TARDIS is just waiting to be devoured.

[via Neatorama]