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Predator 1/4 Scale Action Figure Reminds Us How Cool Arnie Used to Be

 |  |  |  |  February 17, 2014

Remember back in the 80s action movie heyday when anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it was guaranteed to make lots of money. These were the days when Arnie was jacked, and blowin’ shit up was his shtick. I’m talking way before the wrinkles, saggy skin, and governor days. Back when the worst most of us thought about Arnold typically involved Junior.


One of my all time favorite Arnold flicks was the original Predator. If you have a fond spot in your heart for that flick, check out this incredible 1/4-scale Dutch action figure from ThinkGeek. Tiny Arnie is amazingly detailed, offers 20 points of articulation, and even comes with an M-16 with grenade launcher, pistol, and a knife.


It’s not exactly cheap at $99(USD), but I am assuming the high price has to do at least in part with rendering Arnie’s share unto Arnie.


This toy makes me think of a simpler time when all you needed to defeat advanced alien life forms was mud and some pointy sticks. With all the remaking of 80s movies going on, I wonder when will they’ll attempt to remake the original. Predators doesn’t count in my book.