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Whatever, I’m Late Anyway Wrist Watch: Time to Be Apathetic

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Written by Conner Flynn | May 25, 2014

Do you find that you are always late, no matter what the occasion? If so, then this watch is for you. The numbers are all jumbled near the bottom. Why? Because it doesn’t really matter.

What do you care what time it is anyway? You are already late. And checking that watch isn’t going to make you any closer to being on time. This watch has attitude. Attitude that might get you fired, but still. When you are late, you are late. It’s too late for regrets.

To this watch, I say, “whatever, I don’t wear a watch.” But if you still want one, head on over to Fizzm, where you can pick one up for $95(USD).

[via RedFerret]