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Black Skull USB Charger Won’t Kill Your Gadgets

 |  |  |  |  |  June 9, 2014

If you have to keep a spare USB charger in your bag, why not at least go with something that looks cool. Perhaps, something like this skull-shaped USB charger from Gama-Go.


This compact charger is designed to juice up smartphones and other small gadgets, and looks like a tiny little human skull – if skulls were black that is… black with red eyes that light up. Actually, it’s more like a Terminator skull than a human skull, and that makes it even cooler. I might just have to buy one and spray it with chrome paint to complete the effect. Oh, and maybe I’ll make a Terminator endoskeleton body that has an outlet in its neck. This is getting complicated.

Regardless of my epic and likely never to happen plans, the skull USB charger is just 12 bucks, so you really need an excuse not to buy one.