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One-year-old Wins the Iron Throne at Birthday Party

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Written by Conner Flynn | June 10, 2014

One-year-olds don’t generally have epic birthday parties, but when they do it is because the parents are awesome. These parents are the best. Eric and Lisa Cheung threw a Game Of Thrones themed birthday party for their daughter Emma. game of thrones party The highlight of the party was the Iron Throne, and there were also candy apple Stark Heads and a Happy Nameday banner. Surprisingly, the family cats both seem to love the Iron Throne. They are probably just glad it isn’t Joffrey sitting on it. Plus, it’s probably a pretty good scratching post – this Iron Throne is forged of foam, construction paper and detailed with marker. game of thrones party1 Good thing they have pictures of the festivities, because I know I don’t remember anything from when I was one. Now she has proof that her parents are awesome. game of thrones party2 [via Mashable via Nerd Approved]