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Smart Box Keeps Grilled Cheese Crunchy and Melty for 30 Minutes

 |  |  |  |  July 29, 2014

I like sandwiches with crunchy and toasty bread. Take a nice grilled cheese for instance, it’s great when the bread is crispy and the cheese is hot, but wait a few minutes and you end up with a soggy coagulated mess of bread and cheese. This is a big concern for a California restaurant chain called The Melt, who specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches.


You can imagine how challenging it is to deliver grilled cheese sandwiches that don’t suck. To solve this issue, The Melt decided to invent its own delivery system to keep the sandwiches warm and crunchy. The solution is called the Smart Box. It was invented by The Melt founder, and former Flip camera founder, Jonathan Kaplan.


He created a box for the sandwiches with holes for airflow and an outer box that has microprocessor controlled heating elements and fans. That tech ensures the proper moisture in the air and heat for delivering a perfect sandwich within a range of 30 minutes from the grill. Now if only they’d deliver outside of California.

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