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TGI Fridays Deploying Mistletoe-Equipped Drones in Search of PDA

 |  |  |  |  |  |  November 24, 2014

TGI Friday’s, which is a name that I hate writing, on account of the fact that the phrase “Thank God It’s Friday” is somehow in possession of something, it’s going to be strapping mistletoe on to quad-rotor drones and hovering them over couples in an attempt to strengthen their immune systems via the germ-sharing act of kissing. It’s not like an organization has ever caused extreme awkwardness by trying to pressure a guy into kissing his sister, or a girl into kissing her gay friend, or a married guy into kissing his boss, etc.


It appears that only UK-area restaurants are running this promotion right now, so feel free to go to Friday’s for your business lunches until further notice. Of course, you could always just choose a better restaurant and go there instead. You’d avail yourself of better food and take no risk of having a group of strangers who like really greasy food try to peer pressure you into kissing your niece. Or that insipid birthday song.

[via YouTube]