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Good Morning, Sleepyhead: Get Wake-up Calls from Strangers with Wakie

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Written by Hazel Chua | December 18, 2014

If your regular alarm doesn’t do it for you anymore, then you might want to try Wakie. It’s a social alarm clock of sorts in the sense that it crowdsources wake-up calls from all over the world.

Wakie app1

It’s easy to hit snooze on that alarm, but it’s much harder to hang up on someone, especially if the person on the line happens to be a stranger who’s doing you a favor.

Wakie is pretty easy to use: just open the app and set your alarm, and you’re good to go. At your specified alarm time, you’ll receive a call from another Wakie user who’ll remind you that it’s time to get out of bed. The call automatically disconnects after a minute, so you’re spared from awkward silences or goodbyes.

Wakie app

Wakie is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone for free.

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