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Man At Arms Reforges Sauron’s Mace

 |  |  |  |  December 24, 2014

If you’re not already following Man at Arms: Reforged, you should be. The show features a talented team of metal workers from Baltimore Knife & Sword, one of the finest swordmakers for stage combat and sparring in the world, and they create cool weapons based on sci-fi and fantasy. They’ve already given Batman Wolverine’s claws, bestowed Iron Man with a sword, and built a lightsaber Katana for Yoda, but now they’ve created a weapon of horrifying magnitude: Sauron’s mace.


Yeah, I’d wager they’d be a bit better at wielding it if they were nine-feet-tall, supernatural death machines, but if I ran into a totally normal human holding this thing in a dark alley, I’d hand over my wallet. That thing looks like it would hurt.

Check out what they and their predecessor Tony Swatton have done so far here, and then overload them with your own great ideas, thus prompting an epic build like this one.

[via You Tube]