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Super-Fan Builds: Final Fantasy Kitchen Knives

 |  |  |  February 3, 2015

Kitchen knives are something that we all need. Every now and then, you gotta chop stuff up or cut a steak after all. You could go with plain old boring kitchen knives, or you could go for something like this awesome Final Fantasy inspired set.


The knives look like weapons used in the franchise and are stored in a stand that looks like the creepy purple octopus Ultros. The knives include Auron’s katana from FFX, Cloud’s buster sword from FFVII, and Sephiroth’s masamune from FFVII. The coolest is Squall’s gunblade from FFVIII.

This isn’t a build that normal folk could undertake. The set was made by the master prop builders from Super-Fan Builds with the help of the folks at Man At Arms for the weapons. I think if they actually built these to sell, they would sell a bunch.