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Bliss-Box 4-Play Retro Controller Adapter: Play Your Way

 |  |  |  |  |  March 19, 2015

There are lots of third party retro-style controllers for PCs, as well as adapters that let you connect original console controllers to your computer. But Bliss-Box’s 4-Play adapter promises to be compatible with the greatest┬ánumber of old controllers and can connect up to four controllers at once. It could be the emulator enthusiast’s best friend.


The 4-Play has plug-and-play support for 17 classic controllers and even their third-party equivalents, from the DualShock 2 to the Apple Pippin’s controller. Because it’s plug-and-play, it will work with Windows, Mac and Linux computers as well as the Raspberry Pi, Android devices and the PS3. When you order a 4-Play you can also get it with several USB controller adapter cables of your choice. Bliss-Box can add support for more controllers via firmware updates, and they will release an API so emulator developers can further integrate their software to Bliss-Box.


The Bliss-Box also has a handful of features that other controller adapters don’t have, including full button remapping, the ability to swap controllers while playing and analog stick emulation on d-pads.

Pledge at least $58 (USD) on Kickstarter to receive a 4-Play as a reward along with 10 controller adapter cables of your choice. You can also pledge at least $29 for just the 4-Play.

[via Racketboy]