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Dam Curry is a Thing in Japan

 |  |  |  |  April 2, 2015

I am a big fan of Japanese food, so long as I can identify what it’s made from and it’s cooked. The food can’t involve fish, or wasabi, or guts of any sort. Mostly I like Japanese steak and chicken with rice. I am also a food segregationist, never shall my foods meet until they are in my stomach. I refused more than a few meals growing up because the foods touched.

One of my few exceptions to the food touching rule is rice. Rice is good when you get some sauce on it or mix it with food. That is why I love the idea of dam curry. Dam curry is available at some of the tourist attraction dams around the country.


What you get is a heap of curry on one side with a dam of damned tasty looking rice in the center separating the food on either side of it. I’d have to fall by on my rules and skip eating the red stuff because I’m not sure what it is. The rice creates a dam and keeps foods from mixing. I’d like to think rice dams are the reason rice is so popular in Asia.




[via Kotaku]