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Anki Overdrive is a Modern Slot(less) Car Set


Written by Shane McGlaun | July 2, 2015

Growing up, I had a giant slot car set and thought it was the most awesome thing ever. My friends and I didn’t typically race like normal people though. What we did was something only 8-year-olds would think is fun. We would position ourselves near the curves and see who could fling the cars of the track into the crotch of the other person. A slot car to the ball sack can hurt.

The next generation of slot cars is here and it’s called Anki Overdrive. It lets you race tiny robotic cars on a track using a smartphone app.


Using the app you can race and fire virtual weapons at your opponents to win the race. Each car has its own unique driving characteristics, like the cars in a video game. It sounds pretty cool, but I wonder if you can fling your car off the track into someone’s nuts at the corner.

A starter kit for the set will cost you $149.99(USD) and it will launch on September 20. The kit includes 2 cars, six 90º curved track pieces, four straight track pieces, two risers, a car charging platform, and a tire cleaner.

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