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WeDangle: Clothes with a Built-in Swing

 |  |  |  August 5, 2015

Sometimes you just want to swing from a tree . When that urge gets to be too much, you have to find a tire and rope. But what if you had a swing built into your clothes? You could have the tree ready to go and just attach yourself to it. That’s what WeDangle is all about.

Instructables member Berto Aussems designed the WeDangle, a swinging seat built into a set of clothes. The pants and jacket have supports that wrap around the body. Just attach cords to these supports with carabiners. A fabric strap and aluminum tube wrapped around a tree branch hold the cords, allowing you to recline and gently swing. The tube even breaks down into four sections, which are easily stored in the jacket.

It looks like it takes a little work to get set up at this point, but Aussems wants to refine the WeDangle so that it can be a piece of everyday clothing that lets people relax outdoors when they have the urge to swing and relax. It’s a pretty cool idea.

[via Neatorama]