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Alien Facehugger Mask: At Halloween Everyone Can Hear you Scream

 |  |  |  |  |  September 21, 2015

The most memorable thing for me about Alien and all the other films in the franchise isn’t the queen alien, it’s the facehuggers. The thought of something laying eggs inside of you that then eat your guts and burst out of you is creepy as hell.


If you want to get dressed up for Halloween, but want to do it in a minimalist way, this facehugger mask is just the ticket. You don’t need a complex get up; all you need is to put on whatever clothes you normally wear. Then strap this facehugger to your noggin with the Velcro strap it comes with, and there you go, instant costume.

You can get your facehugger mask at ThinkGeek for $54.99(USD). Just don’t complain if you wake up on November first with a stomach ache.