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Internet Addiction Token: I Can Stop Surfing Any Time

 |  |  |  November 4, 2015

Is internet addiction a real thing? Some people would say so. And there are a certain a lot of people who spend a ton of time online these days. Like 24 hours a day when they can. So naturally some people could benefit from staying away from the internet for a bit. If that sounds like you or a friend, the Internet Addiction Token may help you keep your promise to unplug.

This yellow token is the perfect size for your pocket. Think of it as a small charm that serves as a reminder. It might help you fend off the urge for just one more cat video. Keep the coin close and maybe you can avoid logging on and checking your favorite YouTube videos. Seriously, just because you are on the internet, that doesn’t mean you have a problem. That’s for you to decide.
But if you do find yourself just liking everything all day long and you no longer know what a tree or blade of grass looks like, this little token might help you get back to a healthy balance. Take it one day at a time. Me? I’m good. I don’t have a problem. I can stop anytime. Ohhh, another cute cat!

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