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The Alpha 2 Robot Wants to Be Your New Best Friend


Written by Conner Flynn | November 13, 2015

There’s a new contender in the field of humanoid household robots. Ubtech Robotics has launched a crowdfunding campaign for its new Alpha 2 humanoid companion-bot. It wants in your life and in your house so it can be your new bestest buddy.


This small robot is fully programmable, operates on an open-source OS and offers a variety of sensory inputs including ultrasonic, touch and pressure sensors. It has more than 20 servos in its joints. It will do Yoga with you, it will dance and make all of your dreams come true. Or so the video implies.

The robot’s processor “brain”┬áis connected to the cloud which allows it to have far more visual and audio processing power, so Alpha 2 can perform a variety of tasks, from managing your calendar and providing remote home monitoring to tutoring your kids and entertaining your pets. Hopefully that doesn’t include being a chew toy.

Pledge at least $599 over on Indiegogo to get your own Alpha 2 robot.

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