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Guy Makes Giant Lightsabers for His Christmas Display

 |  |  |  |  November 24, 2015

In order to make his home Christmas light display truly epic this year, Bob Clagett of I Like to Make Stuff made a pair of comically giant lightsabers. I don’t think these could kill anyone since they are pretty hard to hold, but you can actually have a duel with them.

He made this crazy things out of materials that anyone can find at the Home Depot. The hilts are made of cardboard cylinders, painted silver and accented with duct tape, while the blades are made of clear plastic roofing material and attached inside the hilts with drywall screws and 2x4s. The lights are just Christmas lights mounted inside the hilts.

He did an awesome job with these and if you watch the video you will be surprised at all of the clever things he did to create them.


[via Core77 via Neatorama]