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Robot Drinky is Your Robotic Drinking Buddy

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Written by Shane McGlaun | January 11, 2016

A South Korean inventor has created a robot and turned it into an alcoholic. Essentially, he has made the very first Bender prototype. The little robot’s sole purpose in life is to drink alcohol with you. If it had a shiny metal ass, it would be perfect.


After all, if you only drink socially, you can’t be an alcoholic, right? The best part is that Bender Junior doesn’t waste your beer. It swigs it down and the alcohol ends up in a jar underneath.

That means you can drink your booze and then drink the robot’s too. It sounds like the guy who made this built it while he was drunk. You can’t buy this bot already built, but its maker plans to make schematics available – just as soon as he gets up off the floor.

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