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Kyoto Café Offers Cat Parfaits: Catfaits

 |  |  |  |  |  February 22, 2016

In Japan, odd foods are nothing new. In fact, odd seems to be the norm. We don’t get much of the whimsy that Japan likes here in the states. Take these cute and tasty looking cat parfaits. They aren’t made out of real cats mind you, they appear to be ice cream mostly.


Made in a traditional Kyoto townhouse transformed into a café, these ice cream treats are decorated up like cats complete with ears, tails, and whiskers. There is some fruit and other stuff crammed in the bowls as well.

It seems the desserts are insanely popular, selling out quickly after they are offered. At this point, you have to get there before 1:00 pm to get one for yourself. Combine ice cream and cats and my daughter would eat them all.

[via RocketNews24]