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VIZIO Continues to Push the Price/Performance Ratio with 2016 M- and E-Series Displays

 |  |  |  |  April 25, 2016

Not too long ago, VIZIO revealed its updated P-Series displays, which offer some of the best image quality you can get on a big screen these days. Now, some of the tech that was previously limited to top-of-the-line models has trickled down to VIZIO’s entry-level and mid-range displays.


The new 2016 M-Series displays not only feature 4K UHD, but get a 64-zone full-array LED backlight for optimal contrast, along with support for Dolby Vision HDR content. These displays also get VIZIO’s new 6″ Android-based remote tablet and SmartCast, which are a bold reinvention of the way we consume digital content, moving away from proprietary “Smart TV” interfaces, and towards the more familiar and widely accepted Android platform. In other words, the 2016 M-Series appears to be better than the 2015 P-Series if you ask me.


Prices for the M-Series range from $849.99 for the 50″ model up to $3999.99 for the enormous 80″ model.

  • VIZIO SmartCast 50” M-Series Ultra HD with Dolby Vision HDR Home Theater Display (M50-D1) MSRP $849.99
  • VIZIO SmartCast 55” M-Series Ultra HD with Dolby Vision HDR Home Theater Display (M55-D0) MSRP $999.99
  • VIZIO SmartCast 60” M-Series Ultra HD with Dolby Vision HDR Home Theater Display (M60-D1) MSRP $1,249.99
  • VIZIO SmartCast 65” M-Series Ultra HD with Dolby Vision HDR Home Theater Display (M65-D0) MSRP $1,499.99
  • VIZIO SmartCast 70” M-Series Ultra HD with Dolby Vision HDR Home Theater Display (M70-D3) MSRP $1,999.99
  • VIZIO SmartCast 80” M-Series Ultra HD with Dolby Vision HDR Home Theater Display (M80-D3) MSRP $3,999.99


Buyers on a budget will want to check out the new UHD E-Series displays. These come in sizes from 43″ to 70″, and offer a 12-zone full-array LED backlight. These displays also support SmartCast, but you’ll need to use your own smartphone or tablet. With prices ranging from $469.99 to $1699.99, these models offer tremendous bang for the buck.

  • VIZIO SmartCast 43” E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display (E43u-D2) MSRP $469.99
  • VIZIO SmartCast 48” E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display (E48u-D0) MSRP $549.99
  • VIZIO SmartCast 50” E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display (E50u-D2) MSRP $599.99
  • VIZIO SmartCast 55” E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display (E55u-D0) MSRP $699.99
  • VIZIO SmartCast 60” E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display (E60u-D3) MSRP $969.99
  • VIZIO SmartCast 65” E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display (E65u-D3) MSRP $1,099.99
  • VIZIO SmartCast 70” E-Series Ultra HD Home Theater Display (E70u-D3) MSRP $1,699.99

Kudos to VIZIO for continuing to bring amazing technology to the masses, and proving that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or design to create a value minded product.