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Mario Question Block Light Dispenses Light, Not Coins

 |  |  |  |  May 11, 2016

Any child of the ’80s or retro gamer has probably played Mario Bros. at one time or another. If you have ever played that game you will remember the sound effects and the question mark box that got us so excited when we played. You never knew exactly what you would get when you bopped that box with your little 8-bit fist.


If you want t relive that box bopping feature in the real world, you need this Question Mark Block Light. The little lamp looks just like the box from the game and when you press its top, the light comes on and it makes the ping sound from the game.

No coins fly out of the box nor do mushrooms that make you bigger. Only a warm yellow glow spills out along with sounds to make anyone near you annoyed after a while. The light gets power from a USB port so you need either a wall adapter or a PC to run this thing. It sells for about $36(USD) at Firebox.