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T.Rex Nightlight Guards You While You Dino-snore

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Written by Conner Flynn | June 15, 2016

Check out this cool T.Rex night light from lampUp. This guy will keep you safe while you sleep, looking like a dinosaur that has returned as a Jedi ghost. Don’t discount him due to his stubby and tiny arms. This guy is all teeth and he will tear boogeymen limb from limb.

The design is engraved into 6mm acrylic that is lit with a string of LEDs, giving it that cool hologram-like vibe. Use it as a night light or just a cool desk lamp. He stands 6.5″ tall and 6″ wide on a bamboo base, and if you don’t want him lit up in green, you can have him light up in a bunch of other colors.


I would put some leafy houseplants behind him so it looks like he is roaming in the jungle, but that’s just me. Be sure to check out lampUp’s Etsy shop for lots of other cool nightlights.