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Cyclotron Spokeless Bicycle is a Pedal-Powered TRON Lightcycle

 |  |  |  |  |  July 11, 2016

Before TRON was able to ride his first lightcycle, you can bet he had to learn to ride a bike. That bike would probably look just like the Cyclotron. This futuristic looking smart bicycle has hubless wheels, and its tires use no air. That means less breakage and time spent on the side of the road fixing things. The seatpost has an active LED taillight for safety, and the rims have lighting inside for visibility in the dark and because they look really cool.


The frame of the bike is made from carbon fiber, and its tires are made from a solid polymer that promise to last for over 6,000 miles of use. The bike has an integrated smartphone mount and all its cables are run through the frame to keep things tidy and protected.



The wheels even have a utility slot that can be used to carry beer, which may be all the reason you need to buy this bike. It can be had with either 12 or 18 gears and some versions even offer automatic up- and downshifts. Caliper brakes are standard, while the top-of-the-line models get hydraulic “halo” brakes.

There is no chain on this bike and the E-Gear box model has a full auto shift mode. A companion smartphone app offers up a training coach, GPS bike finder, and cycling data for each ride. It can also report accidents.


Cyclotron has already exceeded its Kickstarter goal with almost two weeks to go. A manual 12-speed Cyclotron will sell for about $1,125 (USD) with shipping in June 2017. A fully loaded E-Gear version is will set you back about $2,588.