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Pillo Personal Home Health Robot Keeps You Away from WebMD

 |  |  |  |  July 26, 2016

Having been in the medical field for half of my adult life, I tend to get weird calls from people that go down like this… “Hey I went on WebMD and it said I have [insert weird disease here].” I find those calls annoying because everything you research on the internet will lead you to believe you either have the flu or you have cancer. If you have someone who needs to stay far away from the internet when it comes to medical information, Pillo might be the ticket.


Pillo is a robot in the loosest sense of the word. It reminds me of Doctor Theopolis, the guy Twiki wore around his neck on Buck Rogers way back in the day. It can do things for you like connect you with healthcare professionals, answer health and wellness questions, and remind you to take medications and vitamins.

Pillo can also order your refills when you need them. That sounds like a fantastic feature alone, I often remember to order my medicine when I open the bottle and it’s empty. Pillo is on Indiegogo and has already exceeded its fundraising goal. A single Pillo is $349(USD) – not exactly cheap – but that is a 40% discount of the expected MSRP.