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Expect Crappy Service at the Poop Café

 |  |  |  |  |  August 2, 2016

This new cafe in Toronto is the s**t! The Poop Café Dessert Bar is a brand new restaurant opening up in Toronto later this month. It is fantastically fecal. No really. Everything on the menu is brown and looks like human excrement. Because humanity is doomed, that’s why.

Customers eat out of toilet shaped dishes while sitting on top of fake toilets. They take the theme seriously. I have no idea if all the beverages look urine or if the napkins look like toilet paper, but if not they are really missing an opportunity. I also have to wonder if some of the more special items come with the odd piece of corn or peanuts.You might as well go all the way with the theme.

Presumably they came up with the idea to open this place after realizing that the ice cream and poop emojis are basically the same thing:


[via The Independent via Incredible Things]