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Deltu Robot Plays Games with Humans on an iPad

 |  |  |  |  October 3, 2016

Deltu is is a project from designer Alexia Lechot at ECAL. It is an expressive delta robot that will interact with humans by playing games on an iPad, which is an interesting diversion from robots trying to kill us.


Gameplay uses two iPads – one for the robot, one for the human. Deltu does more than just play simple games though. It also takes selfies, and will even browse the Internet depending on its mood. It finds and listens to music too. It seems to love selfies a bit too much if you ask me. Kind of creepy.

If you are a lonely human, Deltu might be just the robot friend you have been looking for.

[via Prosthetic Knowledge via Laughing Squid]