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Empire Strikes Back Exogorth Space Slug Snow Globe: This Is No Cave!

 |  |  |  October 10, 2016

Space slugs are a real menace to space travel. It’s gotten so bad that you can’t even land on an asteroid without flying into the mouth of one. Somebody should hire some exterminators. This Exogorth Space Slug Snow Globe will remind you of the perils of space slugs. Put it on the dashboard of your spaceship or on your desk.

This cool collectible¬†recreates the nasty space slug from The Empire Strikes Back. It’s probably the only official desk toy that exists to represent this giant asteroid-dweller. Instead of a starfield, the Millennium Falcon floats in the snow¬†globe flying away from its jaws.

It is an awesome tribute to an awesome scene. Grab yours over at ThinkGeek for just $19.99(USD).