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TAP Lets You Type in Mid-air

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Written by Shane McGlaun | February 3, 2017

I can’t type on a smartphone keyboard to save my life. My fingers are too big and I end up with periods and spaces all in the text that I didn’t want or need. You can carry a keyboard to make things easier, but that isn’t always convenient. If you don’t have anything to sit your keyboard on it’s pretty much worthless. This is where TAP comes in.

This is a device that you wear on your hands and turns any surface into a keyboard. You can use one Tap for single-handed typing or a pair for double-handed typing. It looks like a cool idea, but apparently it’s not a normal keyboard, and you have to learn to use it via an included app, which demonstrates what characters and commands are tied to each finger. It looks a bit complicated from the videos they uploaded on YouTube.

TAP isn’t available to purchase just yet, but will launch by the end of 2016. The device is in beta with some test users in the San Francisco Bay area right now. It rather looks like those weird things that people wear on their toes after a pedicure.