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V-MODA Remix Speaker Review: Style and Substance in a Small Package

 |  |  |  |  |  May 21, 2017

V-MODA has been a leader in the headphone space for a while now, making some excellent gear for your listening pleasure. Now, for the first time, V-MODA is making a Bluetooth speaker, with the aim of providing the same kind of premium build, design, and sound quality found in their headphones.

One look at the V-MODA Remix, and it’s clear that this isn’t just another one of the countless Bluetooth speakers on the market. For starters, the $300 speaker is wrapped in premium materials, not plastic, giving it a sense of heft and substance. It weighs 1.9 pounds in the aluminum model I reviewed, or 1.6 pounds in the black vegan leather version.

One of the big selling points of the Remix is that you can purchase 3D printed accessories to transform its sides, grill, and outer housing with a variety of bold designs. The Remix is quite handsome right from the factory, so for me, I’m pretty good without customizing mine.

The 3D customizations are very expensive too. Even the lightweight fiber components can set you back several hundred bucks. The speaker with the orange fiber design shown below costs $460. That’s nothing compared to one with real platinum sides which brings the price up to $370,000 or more. Yes, you could buy a house or a supercar for the same price as that speaker. Clearly, those precious metal mods are targeted at people with money to burn. For the rest of us mere mortals, the plain or fiber-modded Remix will do just fine.

Like all things V-MODA, the sound quality from the Remix is very good, offering crisp, clean audio, with a good amount of power. It’s got a pair of 9-watt full-range drivers, and frequency response is an honest to goodness 20Hz to 20,000 kHz. Granted, it’s still a pretty small speaker, so it won’t shake the walls, but it offers up enough volume to fill a small room like an office. Distortion is well managed all the way up to the volume limit, and there’s enough brightness and punch without being shrill or muddy, and there’s not the slightest bit of rattle from the enclosure. Since it’s just 8.1″ wide, the soundstage is quite contained and directional to the position of the speaker itself, though there are clearly distinguishable left and right channels.

As an added bonus, you can plug in a pair of headphones and use the Remix in “VAMP” mode, which turns it into a very good headphone amplifier. The headphone amp doesn’t work with Bluetooth sources, but it’s a great way to get an extra boost and improved audio quality from analog sources with a 3.5mm connector. Overall sound quality from the headphone amp is on-par with the dedicated amp I’ve been using for several years, though I wish it had a DAC built in like my standalone unit. Still, connected to the analog audio output on my iMac, the Remix does double duty as a desktop speaker and headphone amp, reducing clutter. It also works as a speakerphone when connected via Bluetooth.

The built-in 3400 mAh rechargeable battery is good for up to 10 hours of playback time, depending on volume level, and charging is achieved via a modern USB-C connector. V-MODA includes a USB-C to USB-A cable for charging.

If there’s anything standing in the way of the V-MODA Remix at all, it’s the price. At $300, there are a whole lot of other good sounding Bluetooth speakers which go for quite a bit less money. Most of them won’t have the build quality or materials of the Remix, nor will they offer the customization options, or the built-in headphone amp. If a blend of style, substance, and sound quality are important to you, the Remix is definitely worth a look and a listen.