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What Is My Purpose? You Spray Kitties.

 |  |  |  |  May 26, 2017

Every cat owner knows that cats love to get up on your countertops. Some are downright hard to train. My cats keep doing it and we have tried everything. CatNani may be able to help.

It is a little robot that patrols your countertops, and scoots your cat off onto the floor. CatNani uses two simple tactics: an ultrasonic warning, and a harmless citronella spray. It senses the edges of the countertop, as well as any objects that may be in its way. It senses when your cat jumps up thanks to a special collar, then it goes after the cat and sprays them.

Or your cat may just bat it it off the counter. Could go either way. So far, this thing has raised less than $1000 of its outlandish $500,000 goal so far on indiegogo, so it’s not looking likely that this thing will go into production anytime soon.

[via Nerdist]