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Mattel Pocket Football and Basketball Shrink Down to Keychain Size

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Written by Paul Strauss | February 2, 2018

When I was a kid, I used to play the heck out of that Mattel Pocket Football game. I always sucked at kicking, but I was quite adept at running down the field fast as hell. Between that and Track and Field is where I developed all of my button-mashing skills.

Mattel also made versions of Basketball and Baseball that worked much in the same way, and later, they’d milk the franchise with sequels, and Sub Chase¬†and Battlestar Galactica: Space Alert – because those are sports. These days, you can pick up remakes of the games as well, but the sounds are all wrong. Now, Mattel has created miniature versions of these games which are small enough to fit on your keychain.

They’re definitely not the same as the originals, but they’re still fun to play, and are easier to tote around than the classic games. The $12 games come in Football and Basketball variants, and measure just 2.75″ x 1.6″. With those LCD screens instead of LED screens, don’t expect to play these ones in the dark. I can’t find any video of them in action either, but I bet the sounds are all wrong too.

If you’d rather have the original games (which I definitely prefer), they can still be found over on eBay, and they’re really not that expensive.