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Thinkgeek’s April Fools Day Tentacuddle Blanket Was Real

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Written by Conner Flynn | April 2, 2018

I’m really happy that April Fools Day was on a Sunday this year, so I didn’t have to look like a fool, falling for stuff all day long. Every year, people try to fool you with fake products. ThinkGeek’s lineup on April Fools Day is legendary. People still buzz about these items every year so much that some actually become real products. Such is the case with the Tentacuddle Blanket.

Yes, you can really buy this. It’s real and you can be as cozy as a Kraken, snuggled up in its green grip! It has five tentacles “each with an opening near the end to put your thumb, hand, or foot through”. Basically, you can get lost in this blanket.

Stay warm and look like a sea creature. Other’s will think there’s a Kraken on the couch, but nope, it’s just you being toasty and warm. I know that my cats would love to snuggle with me in this blanket. They would love crawling out of those holes, like cute little Kraken parasites.

You can grab one of the blankets right now for $59.99. Better get Kraken because they won’t be around forever.