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BMW Personal Movers Zip Around Manufacturing Plants

 |  |  |  May 15, 2018

In order to get factory workers from area to another in its massive plants, BMW is introducing its own personal movers concept. Their facilities are often massive spaces, and employees spend way too much time getting from place to place. According to a recent survey, BMW learned that its employees needed a solution to navigate around the campus easier, so the a personal mobility device is a great solution.

These fully electric movers are designed to carry just one user, and allow the worker to stay focused on their specific task. The personal movers can travel at 25 km/h (~15 mph) and have built-in baskets for the employee to carry small items. For now, the focus is on using these BMW personal movers in BMW plants, but they can see a future where they may be introduced in large public spaces.

It’s a great idea that could save the company a lot of money by increasing the productivity of its workers. Plus, it’s just cool to be able to zip around in your personal mover while at work.