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Doctor Who TARDIS Hooded Onesie: Your Gut Is Bigger on the Inside

 |  |  |  August 5, 2018

Who here knew that TARDIS stood for for “Time And Relative Dimensions in Sleep?” Just wear this TARDIS hooded onesie before bed so that when you drift off, your circuits might kick in so that you wake up in a new time and place. Good luck fitting in while wearing this. You might stand out just a wee little bit… even on the alien planets.

It is for serious geeks who want to actually BE the time machine that the Doctor tools around in. This full-zip fleece hooded onesie has windows and a door sign appliquéd across the front, custom Police Box neck tape, black ribbed cuffs at the wrists and ankles, and it is made of 100% polyester. Warm wash in the time stream only.

It’s perfect for lounging around the house, for cosplay, or just because you want to focus really hard and try to time travel with your mind. I’m not judging. That’s what I would do too. The bad news is that there’s only room for you. There’s no room for bringing a companion with you on your journeys. Though I’m guessing if you had a companion in your life you wouldn’t be wearing this in the first place.