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Guy Makes a Giant-sized Soundwave Boombox

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Written by Conner Flynn | September 30, 2018

Everyone has their favorite Transformers from the original animated series. For some it’s Optimus Prime, for others it’s Bumblebee or Grimlock, but for many Soundwave is the best Transformer ever. For those fans, this custom Soundwave-shaped boombox is everything.

So what genius made this geek masterpiece? That would be Bob from the YouTube channel I Like To Make Stuff. He makes all kinds of cool stuff so that the rest of us can be inspired. To create this awesome boombox, he used a combination of MDF for the speaker’s housing, foam for the buttons and other non-functional details, and there is also a pair of Bluetooth speakers hidden inside.

Okay, technically Soundwave wasn’t a boombox, but maybe he should have been. It was the ’80s after all. Sadly this thing doesn’t transform, but that’s okay. It is completely awesome just the way it is. It is a non-transformer that will blast tunes wirelessly streamed from your smartphone. Especially if those tunes are from any of the Transformers soundtracks.

Bob really did some great work on this, and all of the details are just perfect. Now if he can just make it transform, it would be absolutely perfect. Get on that Bob.

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