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This LEGO Machine Blows Soap Bubbles

 |  |  |  |  |  October 1, 2018

Great. Now I hear that “Tiny Bubbles” song in my head. All because of this LEGO bubble blowing machine built by Sariel of Sariel’s LEGO Workshop. I like it. Bubbles make the world a happier place, and I’m not just talking about that guy from Trailer Park Boys.

This sweet LEGO machine uses soap to blow bubbles. So basically, this thing blows. Get it? He built it on top of a LEGO boat hull, and powered the track-style drive mechanism with a Power Functions motor, and an off-the shelf motor for the blower fan. Seriously, it’s pretty cool. Though as the video goes on, it pops bubbles way too often instead of releasing them into the air. Maybe he was using the wrong kind of soap.

LEGO should really market one of these so that kids can build it and then enjoy blowing some bubbles with their creation. Because as it stands right now kids can’t make bubbles and play with LEGO at the same time, and that’s sad. This is the 21st century. Let kids build their own bubble blowing machines. They have fun and it gets them out of the parent’s hair for a bit. Of course them parents have to clean up all of the spilled bubble formula and clean slippery bubble residue off of everything.

[via The Awesomer via Geekologie]